How HIV is stopping the production of adult films

All Den Haag escorts know the importance of ensuring that any sexual contact is conducted in a safe manner. However it appears that some of the actors in the adult entertainment industry are making light of their responsibilities after a third actor tested positive for the HIV virus. This has brought all further production of adult films to a standstill until all the other actors and their partners take an HIV test. The moratorium was placed by the Free Speech Coalition, one of the trade associations representing the adult service industry, who see themselves very much as the watchdog for this profession. Although such moratoriums are not usually binding, the members usually comply when faced with such requests.

Since Los Angeles County passed a law which requires all adult film entertainers to use condoms, there’s been a 95% decrease in applications to make new films and those who did start to film either ignored the ban or did their filming in other countries where ‘barebacking’ is not illegal. This reluctance to abide by the new condom law seems to come down to economic factors, with many producers fearing that actors wearing condoms will affect the sales of their films and reduce their profits. And it seems that even with the announcement of the HIV cases, many adult film actors are still fighting against the mandatory use of condoms, especially as during a similar HIV outbreak 9 years ago, the industry saw a reduction in their revenue by almost 30%.

It remains to be seen how this will affect the adult film industry, particularly as they are now being forced to incorporate the use of condoms into their films. I’m the first to admit that seeing an actor donning a condom can be a bit of a distraction and not in a good way, but isn’t it time that all adult entertainers began to promote the use of condoms?

Escorts love compliments too

During my time as an escort in Den Haag I’ve received many compliments from clients. However some compliments, however well meant, can have the effect of turning a woman off rather than turning her on. Here’s a few, I’ve received over the years.

When I first started escorting in Den Haag I was often told “oh you look so young!” Now as most young women spend the majority of their teenage years slapping makeup on the their faces to make themselves look older, we don’t want to be told that we still look like a teenager. Of course, now that I’m older, I don’t mind in the least when someone tells me that I look young – in fact, I positively love it.

“You look lovely when you smile” – now although this sounds like a compliment, somehow it suggests that I don’t look lovely when I’m not smiling. Since it’s impossible for me to walk around with a permanent grin for 24 hours a day, does that mean that I don’t look lovely for the vast majority of the day? And of course being told to smile or cheer up is one of the worst things you can say.

“You’ve got a great personality”. I guess all you guys are wondering what’s wrong with saying this. Don’t women prefer not to be judged on looks alone? But saying this to someone who relies on her looks to be successful in her job can trigger all kinds of negative thoughts such as “does he think I’m not attractive?” If you want to compliment an escort on her personality, it might be best to introduce it by saying, “you’re not only gorgeous, but you’ve got a great personality too”.
Does all this sound too much of a minefield? Are escorts really so insecure? After all we spend our working life with men who desire us. I think as long as a compliment is genuine, escorts, just like any other women, will be happy to receive them.

Size doesn’t necessarily matter

The results of a recent online survey published in Psychology of Human Sexuality showed that over half of the 25,000 heterosexual men questioned weren’t satisfied with the size of their penis. Now that may or may not come as a surprise to you men, but what may come as a surprise is that the same survey showed that 84% of heterosexual women were perfectly happy with the size of their partner’s appendage. In fact, 2% of them even admitted that they’d prefer it if their partner was smaller.
Now if you’re wondering what the average size is, it’s said to be approximately 14 centimetres, but if you’re feeling as though you don’t measure up, here’s a few things you can do in bed, which will take the attention away from your penis.

The best way to distract your partner is to exude passion. Nobody wants a lack lustre sexual partner and a boring partner with a small penis is definitely bottom of the list, so take some comfort from the fact that only 7% of women believe that penis size has anything to do with satisfaction and turn on the passion instead.

A survey conducted by Men’s Health revealed that 93% of women are more than happy to be satisfied in other ways. Which leads us on to ….sex toys. Women who use vibrators or sex toys find it easier to get aroused. They experience greater lubrication and more frequent orgasms. So why not try experimenting with sex toys together?

If you can’t bring yourself to use sex toys, then your tongue will be a very welcome substitute. In a survey of 19,000 women conducted by sex expert, Juliet Richers, it was reported that 90% of women were able to reach orgasm when they were stimulated orally by their partners.

So if you feel your penis is not up to par, why not try something a little different tonight?